The Embee design features the Max-Flo system - an extremely efficient tuned enclosure, maximising bass tones & rear speaker output - projecting it through the front of the cabinet.

This was one of the first key elements to the whole design concept and provides outstanding power to volume ratio, delivering air movement usually associated with larger cabinets.

Effortlessly cutting through the mix to produce real solid mid & bass tones - this system puts the whoomp behind every note!

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Most small cabs fire straight into the bottom of your legs, making them hard to hear on stage.

We can all relate to tilting the cab up then praying the amp sitting on top won’t slide off, or stacking up closer to ear level - both result in loss of bottom end.

The Embee & Elbee cabinets’ speaker is optimally angled for both forward throw AND stage monitoring.

This results in:

• You AND the audience hearing what you play

  1. NO loss of bottom end

  2. NO amp sliding off the top

DB Bass 2019